Watch Us Work

Cleveland_by_nightHere to bring you up close and personal interview with Local Artist, Producers, Promoters, DJ’s, MUA, Fashion Designers, Hair Stylist and more. Not to mention, YOU THE PEOPLE!!! The ladies who love getting there hair slayed and a beat face, To the Fashion lovers  to the DJ’s playing your favorite song, all the way down to the heart of the music . This is “Watch Us Work”, where we give you a look inside at the life of a striving Cleveland entrepreneurs. This Website is dedicated to all Cleveland entrepreneurs who are striving for success and working towards their dream everyday. The ones who may get over looked and feel like their hard work is not being noticed. WE SEE YOU, WE WANT YOU. Tell us your story, share your dreams and aspirations. All Hard work is recognized even when you think its not. Your story is inspiring to me and the rest of your city, and I am here to help you tell your story. Cleveland is a city of hustle and grind. Everyday we work towards our dream, everyday we strive for greatness, now its time for you to perform.” Watch Us Work” is here to support and uplift the everyday entrepreneurs. “Watch Us Work” is here to help build up the city. “Watch us Work” is here to showcase your talents and abilities. “Watch Us Work” “Watch Us Work” “Watch Us Work”.


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